My Mouth and Brain DON’T CONNECT

It’s been very eventful few weeks, I wanted to get more artwork out there in the blog-o-sphere but we moved and half of my stuff is in boxes… Then Roots has been going through the terrible twos…. WOW, I did NOT expect this. Then our car transmission died….

We have prints available for sale to help offset the cost of our car repairs, so let us know if you see a painting you like on the facebook page ❤

*waves flag* ok universe I get it.


But then some good news came in. We had a terrible experience at the dentist a few months back. Roots has unfortunate genetics for his teeth and had cavities in two front teeth. But he’s too young to have them removed. SO we found a process that will halt the decay until surgery is an option. only “Problem” is that it will turn the decay COAL BLACK… You know we are ok with that. If it will save him the pain of decaying teeth. Two black teeth are not bad until we can get them fixed.  That is great news! Most parents would cringe because a lot of dentistry goes for cosmetic perfection, but I’d rather he be pain free , stress free and happy. Plus Trolls can totally rock black tusks!

OK,  on to the newest comic. Since it is autism acceptance month I thought I would let you into my world. I have a hard time with communication, I experience some verbal apraxia. I mess up words, replace words, dyslexically switch letters. Or use “NOT” words as you will see in the comic.

Mouth and brain comic

How does autism affect your words? Do you have any “not words” that you use all the time? I would love to hear them!

*Transcript for today’s comic*

My brain and mouth don’t connect quite right.
Sometimes I lose words, ones that I KNOW are rattling around in there
but they just won’t go from my brain to my mouth properly.
They either get jumbled or St-st-st-stammer or TRANSFORM!
into some other set of words that could best describe what I’m trying to say.
Row boat= Brow oat.
Some of them are pretty funny, some are peppered with “bad words” and some are pretty cute!

Here are a few of my Favourites.
*drawing of a snow plow* This is not a snowplow , its a snow pusher.
Makes total sense right?

This ,usually known only as a “shovel” can also be called , little snowpusher, digger or THAT THING.
(the last one is very descriptive…. ..kidding.)

*addendum HB adds to my list, snowlifter, and snowspatula and spoonie-shovel-thingy.
*drawings of an egg flipper a coffee pot and a hummingbird*
The spatula is the spoonie flippy thingy, the coffee is known as the hot brown breakfasty drink, cothy, or , cofff fffff ffffor cry’n out loud!
A hummingbird may also be called , a little wee buzzy bird.

And the “The Not”
as in:
the not fridge (the cupboard)
And the not door (a window)
Or The NOt Wagon (the stroller)
* the this list goes on and on!! *

As far as I know this is something common to most autistic people I know, a little google confirms its frustrating, but normal for lots of us!
(It does happen to everyone now and again but I find the frequency and severity of lost words is just MORE on a daily basis for myself)
What about you?


Love ❤ and a spoon ======(___)

Mae, HB, and Roots




You’re a wizard Roots

PUSHING LIMITS… It’s been a thing in the LOVELY developmental stages of our growing toddler. Things are slowly disappearing from the house because of packing. Right now its T-Minus 3 days and counting.

Roots isn’t quite sure what is happening and even with lots of talks IM pretty sure he’s not going to transition well. But we are there for him and our dear friends who we are moving with will be there too.


So Grampa and Gramma came over to help pack up most of the apartment and the only place to put OUR OBSCENE amount of books was in the living room. In the corner.

Roots somehow channelled the strength of the gods because he managed to climb the tower of book boxes that is at least twice his height if not higher. Either that or my child is now a wizard and learned to apparate… or use flue powder. *he has been coughing and sneezing a lot  *shifty eyes* *

Be sure to check out the Facebook page, our blog and Redbubble for our Autism Awareness Month. A new comic will be coming in that month too 🙂

Love and a spoon =========( _____ )


Neurodiversity Is AUsome


April is coming soon and many Autists or Autistic individuals tend to dread it. It’s autism awareness month and many groups, “Mostly” Autism Speaks tend to take advantage of that.  They have done ALOT of bad and only some good for the autistic communities. So I have decided NOT to “LIGHT IT UP BLUE” and you should too.

*More on that in April*

With respect for; and in support of autistic people please consider wearing:
Red, Gold, Taupe or Rainbows And if you plan to attend events or donate, find out who your local autism groups are! The money and time you donate will go to helping people in your community!

So I have decided to try and show people other ways of supporting autism. I myself am an autistic artist and wanted to show my colours. I’ve made some shirts for you to purchase.
Why not show your colours with our Neurodiversity is AUsome merch. With your purchase, you’re supporting an autistic artist. The AU is also the metallurgical sign for gold which can represent people with autism.



For some new views on autism; I have put some links below.

1. Light it up Gold for Autism, Autistics, Acceptance!
2. If that hurts your eyes, try Tone it Down Taupe
3. If red is your thing, Light it up Red…

#LightItUpGold #ToneItDownTaupe #LightItUpRed #REDInstead
#DontLIUB #DontBeBlue

From this Autistic Mama and Artist

New House New Works

We are currently 10 days away from moving into our new house with friends. It will be interesting having another family with a toddler. But what is amazing is the support that we have for each other.

Once we move in and our office is set up I plan to get straight on opening up commissions and working on…



BUT 2 Books


Yes, I really want to get my Fantasy Creatures and Old Gods (working title) adult colouring book out.  And then a loving book about what it means to be a parent.  Both will have my artwork in them


Here is a sneak peek at some of the possible colouring pages.

Let me know what you think?

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How to Change your perspective of colour

I have been drawing mermaids for years, and when I started I had very basic skin tone colours. Basic pink and basic brown. This, unfortunately, left a lot to be desired in the range of all skin types.

A reader had pointed it out and I had to delve deep to make new skin tones. I wanted to include everyone. We are all Mermamas out there and like mamas; Mermamas come in ALL colours too.

So I pulled out all my watercolours out and started mixing like a mad scientist.


Image result for watercolour skintone mixing
Thank you to for the wonderful skin tone chart


This brought me such a range of colours I had know I could make. Hb started showing me different cooler colours when adding blues and purples. IT was amazing now I can include all the mamas. Here are some examples below.

Be sure to check out the originals at Rootletootle: The art Of Mae Greyfrost

On further searching skin tones and all body types; I came across a very neat article on mermaids of colour. Please go check it out and share ❤

12 Black mermaids who are making the sea more inclusive

My favorite has to be this one here of  @mikiejoy13 on Instagram.



Please go check her out and like her pics.

What to do wih a kid that doesn’t sleep

​A late laaate night post during a movie date with my Little Troll.

It would seem, when he goes to sleep before 9pm, hes awake and ready to play by 2:30am!

Whyyyyyyy baby!?

Little did we know bubba has a bit of a sicky tummy. So relaxing and having HB home will help.

Any other Mermamas or Merdads up with their littles, rocking , walking , boobin’?

Loooots of love to all my late night families❤ You’re doing great🌟
Print and original are available please visit my Facebook page. Like it and message me there.
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Happy Valentines Day

Today Roots and I went out to the mall and gave a little love to people who usually get ignored in the rush of the holiday, people who looked like they could use a little happiness.

To the stores we usually go into and groove to their music, and to some friends who work over there.

Little Troll had a wonderful time waving and blowing kisses to every person we met 🙂

He, mostly ate the little card that he was hanging onto, but together we made about 40 people smile today!

It can never be too early to show my little one that an act of kindness as simple as giving out a Batman Valentine card to someone can make their day

Look what HB got me! Valentine’s day came early to our house. Little troll picked out a happy plant for Daddu (momom) and Daddu painted me the loveliest painting of little troll sleeping in a poppy. GO check out his art.



“Happee Happee *Mua!*”
Happy Valentines!
From Mermama and Little Troll

The Secret of Lava Maids

IT is a known fact that mermaids are EVERYWHERE!
BUT DID YOU KNOW, that they can also live in volcanoes…?

Neither did I…

A lovely client of mine came to me with a beautiful idea.
Her Daughter had drawn this concept when she was very little, of mermaids living in a volcano. How queer a thought,
I was used to all my mermamas living underwater!

So with this idea, she wanted to make an anniversary present for her wife with the shared concept they both knew. The trick was that it was not to be under lava. But inside the volcano.

Sure this would be easy I thought!

I had the concept sketches down, I also had the base linework down on the watercolour paper. Now to set up the colours.

This was the first time that I had used such dark colours, everything was brown and black. To be honest I was scared. Watercolour paintings always go through an ugly phase. They also get really dark while they are wet and then lighten up.

I needed to offset the colours so I started painting in crystals. HUGE crystals of amethyst. I took my gold paints out and made a tonne of reflections everywhere.

Finally, It was time to paint the lovely ladies.  Although it was fun; it was different to paint dry mermaids. Their hair was “normal”. Not flowy like my previous paintings. But I carried on. After adding the final metallic accents I could see the bright light.

It was beautiful.

This painting was ready to go to its new home and I could not wait. Check it out for yourself below.

Lava Mermaids Basking in the warmth of the lava.


Please go check out my other art pieces at Rootletootle : The art Of Mae Greyfrost

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